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Welcome to Jukn55's House Of Music, with tons of records for sale

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This site is temporarily CLOSED... please do not pay for anything through PayPal, as I will not receive it!! Going through an unexpected divorce... may, or may not, open again... I'll let you know when I know... sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!!


Collectible records of all types... 78 rpm, 45 rpm, 12" LPs, 10" LPs and 7" EPs, as well as various other items of interest, such as audio equipment (turntables, receivers, tape recorders/players, tuners, etc., etc.) and parts, replacement cartridges and needles, 45 rpm adaptors, replacement center post spindles, reel to reel recording tapes, & other things I will be adding in the near future. All items are at set sale prices. We have Rock 'n Roll, R&B, Blues, Soul, Northern Soul, Jazz, Pop, Country, Doowop, Rockabilly, Big Band, String Band, etc., etc., so please take a look:

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We've been collecting records for as long as I can remember and all of the records listed come from our collection. There are records from the 1920's and up... to the present day... some fairly common and some not so common. We just have so many that I thought it was time to thin them out a little. My main interest now is Doowop 45's from the 1950's and early 1960's, so if you have any clean group harmony 45's you're selling please send me your list, or web-site address.

All records are play graded, as well as visually... Please email for availability and total cost. I will be updating these lists regularly, so please check back often.

-- Please Read Before Ordering --

Shipping for 78's is $6.00 for one, and $1.00 each extra. This includes delivery confirmation in the USA. Overseas shipping is higher, insurance is optional, but advised. I mail 78's Media Mail, unless other methods are desired, at increased cost.

Shipping for 45's and 7" EP's is $4.50 for up to four, and 50¢ each extra over four. This includes delivery confirmation in the USA. Again, overseas shipping is higher, insurance is optional. I mail most 45's and EP's Media Mail, unless other methods are desired, at increased cost.

Shipping for LP's, including 10" LP's, is $6.00 for one, and $1.00 each extra. This includes delivery confirmation in the USA. Again, overseas shipping is higher, insurance is optional. I mail LP's Media Mail, unless other methods are desired, at increased cost.

Cover, if applicable, is graded first, then vinyl.

NM = near new condition.

VG++ = barely played, extremely close to near new condition, with just minor flaws. 

VG+ = played, but not abused condition, should play very well, may have light scratches, scuffs. 

VG = well played, but should play pretty decent, will have deeper scratches, scuffs. 

VG- = well played, may have some background noise, scratches, scuffs, wear. 

G = well used, pretty bad condition, lots of background noise.

Bb=bb hole, Bk=back, CH=center hole, Chp=chip, CO=cutout, Crk=crack, Cvr=cover Dmg=damage, Edg=edge, Ext=extremely, Flk=flake, Grv=groove, Lam=laminate, Lbl=label, Lt=light, NAP=not affect play, Rps=rips, Rw=ring wear, Scfs=scuffs, Scrs=scratches, Slt=slight, Sm=seam, Sml=small, Soc=sticker on cover, Sol=sticker on label, Spl=split, Spn=spine, Stn=stain, Swrls=swirls, Toc=tear on cover, Tol=tear on label, Woc=writing on cover, Wol=writing on label, Wr=wear, Wrp=warp.

I take great pains in trying to accurately describe all records listed, and if you have any problems whatsoever, just return it/them, as purchased, and I will happily refund your money, less all shipping charges.

Please Also Note: Due to some gorillas in our postal system handling mail as if it were supposed to be flying objects, or crushing it with very heavy items, and damaging whatever is inside, I will NOT be responsible for any damaged items unless you have opted and paid for the postal insurance. This has only happened twice, but I check everything before packing and pack everything I sell very well. The two people who had broken items delivered tended to blame me instead of the postal system, so hence this notice... some things are just beyond my control...

To email me for record availability, or any questions, send to Chuck@jukn55.com.

We've also been on eBay for a number of years, selling & buying records, as well as other various items. To check for any of our ongoing auctions, or for our feedback from other eBay buyers & sellers, please click here.....   eBay Button
Payment Options:
Payment can be made by check (must clear bank before shipping), M.O., cash,
or credit card through PayPal..... 

Please Note: If paying through PayPal please include the shipping and insurance (if desired) in your total payment. PayPal does not automatically add this.....

Please note: Search function below works best by typing in either artist's last name, the first few exact words of a song title, with NO spaces in-between, or a particular label, followed by an asterisk (*). The more exact words the better..... Examples: Fats*, Domino*, "Domino, Fats", Blueberry*, BlueberryHill*, Imperial*, etc., etc..... 
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Latest Record Additions as of April 23, 2013... 45s S: Jean Sablon, SSGT Barry Sadler, Crispian St. Peters, Kyu Sakamoto, Sammy Salvo, Sam & Dave, Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs, Felicia Sanders, The Sandpipers, Jodie Sands & Tommy Sands.

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